Hello There!

My name is  Dan Franklin.

I got started online in 2012. It all started when I wanted to learn how to get my own website. I thought it would be great to be able to send your friends and family to a link where you could share stories and photos. Videos were not so easy to do back in 2012.

As I was learning about getting my own website online I learned about making money online with a website.

“Easy to do” was my reaction. “I can just put up a product and start making money!”

I soon learned that there were many many ways to make money online and many many diciplines you had to learn about to actually do it.

First I had to choose a domain name and hosting. Then came the whole WordPress thing. I had to choose a theme and add a few plugins. Then I learned there were plugins and themes I could buy that would do more than the free ones available. I started buying different themes and plugins. I own over 20 themes and many or most of those early plugins are now obsolete.

I also had to learn about Paypal, graphics, affiliate marketing, seo, copywriting, website design and plenty more. My education continues to this day!

At first I wanted to sell products I knew about. I played alot of golf so I thought I would sell golf products online. My first website was called GolfGiftsForChristmas.com. I started adding Amazon products in a review page style.

Like most online marketers I have struggled to make money.  I came to realize that the only way to make real money online is by creating your own products. I recently found this webinar by John Thornhill which opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong the past several years. I highly recommend you check it out.

As I learned more about niches I decided to go in to the Make Money Online niche.  These days I specialize in finding quality training products to offer for sale. These are usually detailed video courses on aspects of making money online. There are also written products such as guides and checklists. I even offer several useful WordPress plugins to make webistes do more and make more for their owners.

My biggest success has come from outside the Make Money Online niche. I wrote a guide to fishing for golden trout in the High Sierra which is another of my passions. While not a big niche  have sold dozens of copies and continue to add content to the membership site.

Lately I have begun using bots to automate many of the tasks that I would have had to create pages for. I think bots are great fun to design. I have a great bot that I offer a lifetime access to for a low cost as well as a quality bot training course.

This site is for me to share information about the Make Money Online niche with everyone who searches for such information and lands on my page.

My journey continues and I learn more about this market each and every day.

With that, welcome to DanFranklinOnline and Lets Get Smarter.