Do you intend to utilize email to market your organisation to consumers?
It can be challenging creating a strategy that will certainly create passion
as well as extra sales. It can also be hard to determine exactly how often
you intend to send an email to consumers. Have you thought of
creating a service e-newsletter and also emailing it to customers?
This is a great chance to keep your business name in their
mind. You can also send the e-newsletter on a regular basis. A.
regular monthly e-newsletter is very common, but some firms pick to.
send out one once a week while others do it only every 3 months. The.
option depends on the sort of service you have, the amount of.
content you have, as well as the time as well as money you have to purchase.
the job.

A wonderful means to get consumers curious about your newsletter is to.
ask them what they are looking for. Let them recognize you motivate.
their concerns, recommendations, comments, as well as feedback. Make sure.
they recognize you will resolve their problems too. Ensure you.
use several of these customer responds in each e-newsletter. This.
shows you respect them and their fulfillment. It is additionally a.
remarkable means for your organisation to recognize what is working and what.
you still need to improve on.

An efficient e-newsletter discuss numerous aspects of the.
business, upcoming occasions, sales, promos, as well as brand-new items.
Try to prepare the details so that it is interesting without.
appearing to be routed at just sales. You want the consumer to.
anticipate your future newsletters. Keep the information.
informative for the viewers while laying the ground help.
future sells. Constantly remember that your target market is as well as.
compose short articles that will certainly interest them.

Your newsletter must likewise supply tips. Consumers enjoy that. Try.
safety suggestions, special uses for the product, etc.
These all serve. to maintain the reader interested as well as advertise your company.
Offer a terrific promotion or discount in each newsletter as well.
See to it such promos have an expiry date. This will.
encourage the customer to buy now as opposed to in the.

The layout of your newsletter is very important as well. The visual.
of just an assortment of works isn’t easy on the eyes. Try.
making use of an unique break in the write-ups or using a 2 column.
format. If your newsletter isn’t aesthetically appealing it doesn’t.
issue exactly how great the material is because numerous readers will certainly not.
put in the time to concentrate on the info. Be practical around.
the amount of material you can put into one newsletter. Do not use.
the smallest font just to get even more product in. Attempt some basics.
initially and then broaden. You can include functions and.
routine sections as your newsletter evolves.

if the e-newsletter is going to be your primary resource of advertising.
then make sure you have actually personnel devoted to its development. Also.
numerous businesses simply expect their workers to tackle one more.
task, resulting in a newsletter that is done, however ineffective.
If you have a group committed to the advancement and also technique.
behind each e-newsletter they will be extra effective.

Make the effort to examine your newsletter on the numerous e-mail.
company because a lot of them function in a different way. You.
don’t desire a big portion of your clients not being able.
to check out the e-newsletter due to the fact that they all subscribe to an email.
service provider who has a system incapable to review your product.
Test the major e-mail companies available prior to you release the.
e-newsletter by e-mail to save you the disappointment of searching for.
out later on many individuals couldn’t read it.

To Your Success,.

Email marketing is very efficient if you make the effort to utilize an.
technique that is interesting and builds a connection with the.
customer rather than just pressing your services or products. A.
e-newsletter is a fantastic means to achieve. It also unlocks.
for you to email details to the client on a normal.
schedule relying on how typically you intend to create a newsletter.
There is nothing threatening regarding a newsletter. Do all you can.
to make it inviting. It is an excellent concept to reveal your sincere.
gratefulness to your valued customers in your e-newsletters as well.

Spectres Of The Past

The past cannot be changed, forgotten or erased.
However, the lessons learned can prepare you for a
brighter future.

This is something that seems to be very difficult to
learn and live by. If we look back across the ghosts of
events past, we often see that they repeat throughout
human history. We still wage wars against each other,
still hunt animals to extinction, still seek to one up
one another at every opportunity.

But still all those lessons from the past sit there
just waiting for us to learn from them, all we have to
do is look back and remember them, learn from them and
move forward into that brighter future.

The same is true in our businesses, often you leave a
corporate world to seek a better balance in your life,
or because you do not like the traditional ways of
working in the corporate world, but then in building
your own future, your own business you adopt many of
the same attitudes and practises that made you move on
in the first place.

Why is that? What holds us back from accepting the
lessons that are there waiting patiently for us to
learn them. One of my favourite axioms is that we
should work smarter, not harder. Yet every day, I see
friends and colleagues working all hours in the same
roles, doing the same thing over and over, never moving
forward or upwards.

As people with the entrepreneurial mindset we will
often see a situation or circumstance and automatically
visualise a way to improve it, be it something simple
like a buffet line, or something much more complicated
like project planning.

Project Management trainers would have you believe that
this is a large and complicated task requiring
specialist and expensive trainer to get right, you
might’ve heard of phrases like ‘agile project
management methodologies’ and ‘Prince 2’. It’s all a
myth so much of it is simply common sense and by
learning lessons from past successes and failures.
Every day in our lives, we do things a certain way, the
ways that we have learned work for us. We learned this
through trial and error, through experience. Yet we
still refuse to learn from some of the most fundamental
mistakes made in our past.

We still hold on to too much fear in those spectres,
rather than accept them as having happened and choose
to learn and move forward. Each day in your lives and
as you build your businesses, don’t be afraid to look
into past failures and learn the lessons that are there
waiting for you. So you can move into that brighter
future without the fear that you have gone wrong
somewhere, every bit of your past ‘failures’ have
served you, I assure you.

Just look for the lessons, not the mistakes.

a thought…

do people talk about?

they talk about what’s right with the world? Or what’s wrong with it?

they talk about what their government is doing well? Or what the government is
doing wrong?

they talk about how wonderful it is to be alive? Or do they talk about their
aches and pains?

you want to connect with your audience, you might want to start with a tragedy.

example, tell the story of how someone was in a horrible, dire situation and
how they got there.

talk about the solution that got them out.

business, just like the TV news, is to get and keep attention. The news
business has a motto, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

you want your customer’s attention, start with what’s bleeding. People are
wired to pay attention to the negative in order to survive.

never notice a herd of cute fluffy bunnies (benefits) when they’re being chased
by an enraged bull.

if you can show them how someone else was about to be gored by the bull but was
saved by your product, then you’ve just made the sale.

Give it a try and see what happens.

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The Truth Newsletter

The fundamentals of design are the basis of every visual medium, from fine art… to modern web design… even small details, like the fonts that make up most compositions.

What do these examples have in common?

Some very basic elements, including line, shape, form, texture, and balance.

They might not seem like much on their own, but together… they’re part of almost everything we see and create.

The fundamentals can be intimidating, especially if you don’t consider yourself an artist. However, there’s a lot they can teach you about working with different assets and creating simple visuals from scratch.

Let’s start at the beginning with one of the most basic elements of all… the line. A line is a shape that connects two or more points. It can be fat or thin… wavy or jagged.

Every possibility gives the line a slightly different feel. Lines appear frequently in design; for example, in drawings and illustrations… and graphic elements, like textures and patterns. They’re also common in text compositions, where they can add emphasis… divide or organize content… or even guide the viewer’s eye. When working with lines, pay attention to things like weight, color, texture, and style.

These subtle qualities can have a big impact on the way your design is perceived. Look for places where lines are hiding in plain sight; for example, in text. Even here, experimenting with different line qualities can give you very different results.

A shape is any 2-dimensional area with a recognizable boundary. This includes circles, squares, triangles, and so on.

Shapes fall into two distinct categories: geometric (or regular) and organic (where the shapes are more freeform).

Shapes are a vital part of communicating ideas visually. They give images heft and make them recognizable. We understand street signs, symbols, and even abstract art largely because of shapes.

Shapes have a surprising number of uses in everyday design. They can help you organize or separate content… create simple illustrations… or just add interest to your work.

Shapes are important because they’re the foundation of so many things. Learn to look for them in other designs, and soon, you’ll start seeing them everywhere. When a shape becomes 3D, we call it a form.

Forms can be 3-dimensional and exist in the real world… or they can be implied, using techniques like light, shadow, and perspective to create the illusion of depth.

In 2-dimensional design, form makes realism possible. Without it, a bouncing rubber ball is just a circle. A 3D building is just a series of rectangles. Even flat designs use subtle techniques to hint at form and depth.

In everyday compositions, the purpose of form is the same, but on a smaller scale. For example, a simple shadow can create the illusion of layers… or give an object a sense of place.

Basic forms can bring a touch of realism to your work—a powerful tool when used in moderation.

Texture is the physical quality of a surface. Like form, it can be 3-dimensional—something you can see and touch—or it can be implied, suggesting that it would have texture if it existed in real life.

In design, texture adds depth and tactility to otherwise flat images. Objects can appear smooth, rough, hard, or soft, depending on the elements at play.

For beginners, textures make great background images and can add a lot of interest to your work.

Look closely, and you may find texture in unexpected places, like distressed fonts… and smooth, glossy icons. Just be careful not to go overboard—too much texture in a single design can quickly become overwhelming.

Balance is the equal distribution of visual weight (in other words, how much any one thing attracts the viewer’s eye). Balance can be affected by many things, including color, size, number, and negative space.

Mastering balance can be tricky for beginners, because it does take some intuition. Luckily, the design world is full of examples that you can help you understand its different iterations.

Symmetrical designs are the same or similar on both sides of an axis. They feel balanced because each side is effectively the same (if not identical).

Asymmetrical designs are different, but the weight is still evenly distributed. The composition is balanced because it calls attention to the right things.

Many people use a strategy called the rule of thirds. This imagines your work area divided into a 3×3 grid. The focal point of the image is placed on or near one of these lines, creating visual balance with the rest of the space.

We find this type of composition appealing because, according to studies, the human eye naturally follows this path when scanning a design.

The fundamentals of design are all about the bigger picture—in other words, learning to appreciate the many small details that make up every composition.

This insight can be applied to almost any type of project, whether you’re creating your own graphics… or just looking for simple ways to enhance your work. Thanks for joining us for the fundamentals of design.

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Free Guide: 7 Ways To Make Money With Graphic Design

There’s over a billion blogs on the internet.

Should you even waste your time with blogging?


Hi everyone, I’m Dan Franklin. And today I’m asking the question, Does blogging still works in 2019?

Before we get started make sure you subscribe to this blog. The reason I want you to do that is when I release the next article, you’ll get notified.

Now I have a question for you. Do you have a blog? If you do, leave a comment with yes. If you don’t, leave a comment with no.

Before I answer the question if blogging still works in 2019, I’d like to share a few tips on how to get the most out of your blog.

The first tip I have for you is don’t focus on quantity, focus on quality.

With over a billion blogs, just imagine how posts get written every single day. It has to be in the thousands if not hundreds and thousands.

I don’t know  the exact numbers, but I know there’s too much content on the web. So much so that most if it will never be read.

Just think about the basic math; if there’s over a billion blogs ,and let’s say there’s roughly 7 billion people in this world, there’s one blog for every seven people. That’s too many blogs. So don’t focus on just writing and regurgitating the same information that’s already out there.


Tip #1 – Make sure anything you write is new and unique.

The web is craving for new information.

Very few people are writing something that’s unique and hasn’t been out there before. If you do that you’ll get more social shares, you’re going to get more backlinks, you’re going to find that your blog posts will rank higher on Google.

So don’t focus on writing every single day. You could write once a week or once a month, pick whatever time you have and focus on writing amazing high quality posts.


Tip #2- Respond to comments.

When you get comments on your blog. You need to respond. Think of a blog as a communication channel. If a friend was talking to you and they ask you a question and you don’t respond that’ll be rude.

That goes with your blog as well. If someone asks you a question you need to respond. If someone leaves a comment you should at least respond with a ‘thank you’ even if that comment doesn’t say much.

If you’re not getting any comments,  end  your blog post end it with a question. By ending it with a question , not just a question mark, but a whole question, you will that encourage more comments. .


Tip #3- Encourage conversations.

The way you do this is make blog posts conversational.

You want to use the words ‘you‘  and ‘I‘ in your blog post. By using the words ‘you‘  and ‘I‘ your blog posts will feel more conversational.

Writing ‘ Wouldn’t you love how to double your search engine traffic? I know I would.’

Everyone says search optimizations hard, but you know what, It’s not impossible and today I’m going to share with you how I doubled my search traffic and you can too.’

Can you can see how that’s conversational?

By creating a conversation you’re going to get more comments. You also find that keeping blog posts paragraphs between five and six lines, It makes it easier skim. The easier it is to skim your content, the more comments and conversations you’ll generate.


Tip #4- Understand that your blog isn’t going to just miraculously get visitors and convert those into customers.

You may find that people like your blog buy you’re not getting no sales. The reason is because you’re not adding call to actions.

It’s okay to promote your business, it’s okay to promote your services or your product. If you don’t, you won’t make any sales.

Put call to actions in your sidebar. It’s a great way to generate more leads and sales.


Tip #5- Collect Emails.

Have you heard the saying the money’s in the list?

Collection emails is standard operation procedure in the digital marketing world. .

Collecting emails, or building your lists is  the most important thing you can do.

You need to collect emails. If you have to take one thing away from this article it is Collect Emails.

You can use a ton of free tools like “” to start collecting emails.

Collection emails is easier if you have something to offer in exchange for it. This is what is called a lead magnet.

An eBook, cheat sheet, software  or video course make great lead magnets.

If you are looking for an awesome lead magnet in the internet marketing space CLICK HERE and grab mine.

Its a free video course and guide that you can give away. I will give it to you, with the rights to give it to others, in exchange for your email.


Tip #6- Use Push Notifications.

Push notifications are similar to email. Visitors who approve you to send them push notifications will receive a notice on their screen about whatever you want to share or promote.

This can be your new post, your new product or service or the latest affiliate product that you are promoting.



Tip #7-Utilize Chatbots.

MobileMonkey is a chatbot that is free until you reach a certain subscriber level.

Chatbot’s are super effective, and get amazing click through rates. As high as 90%!Just imagine getting  90% of your subscribers to click on your message!

Emails usually have a click through rate of around 10%.


Does blogging still work?

So, does blogging work in 2019?

Yes It does, it’s just changed.  In the early days you could get traffic writing about anything but now, you need to focus on writing unique and amazing content.

To be really effective in 2019 and beyond you need to do more than just push people from you blog to your offers. You need to use a combination of the things discussed in this article.

So thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this article please consider signing up to receive notifications of future content.

Until next time

Dan Franklin


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How To Choose A Domain Name

Getting your first domain is a very exciting thing.
It’s like putting your shingle out in front of your
business. It represents who you are to the rest of the

Domain names can be very inexpensive for the first
year. Because of this I bought several the first year I
started marketing online. And before I had any plan
what to do with them.

There is nothing wrong with having multiple domains
however it is important that you have one domain to
‘rule them all!’ as stated in “The Lord Of The Rings“.

What I mean by this is that your first domain name
should represent your brand. Additional domains may be
used for individual projects or products. But this is
your core domain name and it should not be so specific
that your options for content are limited.

Domain names like “” or” don’t leave you any room to write
about topics other than dogs or food.

Trust me, as you learn more about marketing online you
will want to have a name that you can use for anything
you are interested in.

The best name option for your core domain name is
likely to be your name or some variation of your name.

If your name is Bill Johnson you might try to get

I should point out here that common wisdom is that .com
domains are preferred. However I have had success with
.org or .net domains. Still, your core domain should be
a .com.

Now, it is highly unlikely that is
available so you may need to get creative. Try
something like or

You could even try a hyphen in the middle like Again, common wisdom suggests you try
to avoid hyphens in your domain name.

Where to get your domain name

There are dozens of domain registrars online. GoDaddy
is probably the best known. You may want to start there
and search for available domain names.

It’s important to know that a domain name can only be
issued once. So one domain registrar does not have
domains available that other registrar do not.

Are all domain registrars the same?

Domain registrars all offer basically the same service.
That is getting your domain name registerd to you. You
will find that some registrars offer extremely low
pricing on domains for the first year. Oh, yeah,
domains have to be renewed each year.

Should I go for the cheapest price?

I don’t recommend that you jump on a low introductory
price offer without learning what the renewal cost is.
I have purchased domain names for $1 then got a bill
for $39 to renew.

High priced renewals can be common on registrars who
offer low first year pricing.

Some other popular registrars include Domain
Cheapsters, Namecheap and

Do your homework before choosing a registrar

Another consideration is hosting. Buying a domain name
is like registering your business name. You still have
to find a service to host your site and get it online.

Hosting is like the location where you build your

While this post will not cover how to choose a host I
will say that you might consider finding your hosting
company first as they often times cover the first year
cost of a domain name as an incentive.

Additionally, having your domain and hosting under one
roof can make dealing with any problems that arise much
much easier.

OK, That’s it for now.

I am fortunate to live near the beach in beautiful southern California.

I try to get down there a couple of times a week to get in a good walk.

While we don’t usually get a lot of rain in the winter, this year we
are getting soaked.

When heavy rain falls all of the trash and debris that gets dumped in
the two river channels, the Santa Ana and San Gabriel gets pushed out to sea then
washes  back up on shore.

It’s amazing the amount of stuff that covers the shore after a storm.
Plastic bottles,spray paint cans, hats, shoes, toys, wood and plenty of trash.

Trash covers the beach for miles.

Local groups organize beach clean up days to pick as much up as possible before
it washed back out to sea.

I was recently on one of my beach walks during one of these organized events and
I noticed a woman picking up tiny pieces of Styrofoam and walking past much larger stuff.

I stopped and asked her why.

She told me that everyone just goes for the big stuff leaving these tiny pieces of Styrofoam to
was back out to sea where they  wind up being eaten by various sea creatures.

She told me that, while a clean beach was important to her,  she really wanted to spend her time
and effort on things that had a longer lasting effect on the environment.

Later that day I started thinking about the lesson she had taught me about looking for the small stuff.
It made me consider how I was going about learning how to make money online.

I realized that I spent my time and money on only the big stuff. The latest product. The latest strategy.
The latest WordPress plugin or theme. The latest graphics pack. The latest social marketing software
and many other things that I thought would get me traffic and sales.

I realized I was going about it all wrong.

I had a lot of the big stuff but, I was overlooking the small stuff. The things that would have a greater, longer
lasting impact on my  online marketing success.

That same day, coincidentally, I found a free webinar offered by a renowned marketer named John Thornhill.

After watching it I realized that he was showing me the small things that I really needed to focus on If I was really
serious about becoming a successful online marketer.

This free webinar instantly changed my way of thinking.

I am here to tell you that If you are interested in making money online. Either extra money or a job replacing income
you really need to check out Johns free webinar.

I think you’ll be surprised at how clearly you will start to see the small, very important
things that you need to do in order to, not just look good, but to build a healthy, long term business.

You can watch this eye opening webinar by CLICKING HERE or on the banner below.

Until Next Time…

Dan Franklin

About Dan Franklin

As of this writing I have reached an age mentioned in a classic Beatles song.

No, not seventeen if you know what I mean.
Rather, I am 64!

I live with my lovely wife and partner of 36 years and love being able to spend time with my
awesome granddaughter who turns 2 later this year.

My Working Life

Years ago, while going to college, I worked part time in a retail store.
I didn’t make much money working part time so I decided to go full time.
Full time led to a management position with more money and school just faded away.

Management led to more responsibility and a whole lot of hours away from my young family.
Especially weekends and Christmas.
I hated it.

After about 20 years I decided to leave  for an office job working  for the state.
The job was in the insurance industry. I found it very interesting work and I met a lot of great people and made a lot of friends.

The benefits were great and I got to spend weekends and holidays with my family.

I worked various jobs there for 26 years before retiring at the age of 59.

Post Retirement

Several months before my retirement date I started to look in to ways I might make a little extra money without having to work for someone. I wanted to start my own small business.

At that time I became fascinated with learning how to get my own website online and  that led me in to online marketing.

How hard can it be?‘ I thought. ‘I’ll just put up a website, link to some affiliate products and watch the money roll in.’

Unfortunately, It doesn’t work like that.

Still, others were making really good money online and I knew I was smart enough to figure out how I could become successful.

My email started filling up with all of the latest gadgets, get rich quick schemes, plugins, themes and a hundred other things that promised to make it easy to grab a piece of the huge pots of money out there just waiting to be claimed.

Soon, I started bouncing from strategy to strategy with little to no results whatsoever.

I started buying more and more products until I would forget all about something I had bought only a few days earlier.

I knew I was spending a lot but I thought of it like tuition that had to be spent in exchange for knowledge.

I thought I could do it all on my own.

I was wrong.

Starting Over

This year I finally realized that I needed to ask for help.

I kept hearing the name John Thornhill from internet marketers I had purchased products from and who I respected.

They kept referring to John as their Mentor and coach and were very grateful to have learned from him.

Recently I found an opportunity to watch a webinar that John had made available for free and after watching It I decided I was spending too much money and getting absolutely nowhere.

I decided to join John’s Partnership To Success Training where I would learn,once and for all, If I really could make money online.

I decided to change my path from a product
consumer to a product creator.

That is the path that I am now on.

I invite you to follow me on this journey by
signing up to receive updates from me and, if
my story sounds at all familiar I encourage
you watch John Thornhills Free Product Creation Webinar by CLICKING HERE.

At the Grateful Dead once said “What a long,
strange trip its been/”

Until next time, this is Dan Franklin hoping
you get on the path to success.