There’s over a billion blogs on the internet.

Should you even waste your time with blogging?


Hi everyone, I’m Dan Franklin. And today I’m asking the question, Does blogging still works in 2019?

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Before I answer the question if blogging still works in 2019, I’d like to share a few tips on how to get the most out of your blog.

The first tip I have for you is don’t focus on quantity, focus on quality.

With over a billion blogs, just imagine how posts get written every single day. It has to be in the thousands if not hundreds and thousands.

I don’t know  the exact numbers, but I know there’s too much content on the web. So much so that most if it will never be read.

Just think about the basic math; if there’s over a billion blogs ,and let’s say there’s roughly 7 billion people in this world, there’s one blog for every seven people. That’s too many blogs. So don’t focus on just writing and regurgitating the same information that’s already out there.


Tip #1 – Make sure anything you write is new and unique.

The web is craving for new information.

Very few people are writing something that’s unique and hasn’t been out there before. If you do that you’ll get more social shares, you’re going to get more backlinks, you’re going to find that your blog posts will rank higher on Google.

So don’t focus on writing every single day. You could write once a week or once a month, pick whatever time you have and focus on writing amazing high quality posts.


Tip #2- Respond to comments.

When you get comments on your blog. You need to respond. Think of a blog as a communication channel. If a friend was talking to you and they ask you a question and you don’t respond that’ll be rude.

That goes with your blog as well. If someone asks you a question you need to respond. If someone leaves a comment you should at least respond with a ‘thank you’ even if that comment doesn’t say much.

If you’re not getting any comments,  end  your blog post end it with a question. By ending it with a question , not just a question mark, but a whole question, you will that encourage more comments. .


Tip #3- Encourage conversations.

The way you do this is make blog posts conversational.

You want to use the words ‘you‘  and ‘I‘ in your blog post. By using the words ‘you‘  and ‘I‘ your blog posts will feel more conversational.

Writing ‘ Wouldn’t you love how to double your search engine traffic? I know I would.’

Everyone says search optimizations hard, but you know what, It’s not impossible and today I’m going to share with you how I doubled my search traffic and you can too.’

Can you can see how that’s conversational?

By creating a conversation you’re going to get more comments. You also find that keeping blog posts paragraphs between five and six lines, It makes it easier skim. The easier it is to skim your content, the more comments and conversations you’ll generate.


Tip #4- Understand that your blog isn’t going to just miraculously get visitors and convert those into customers.

You may find that people like your blog buy you’re not getting no sales. The reason is because you’re not adding call to actions.

It’s okay to promote your business, it’s okay to promote your services or your product. If you don’t, you won’t make any sales.

Put call to actions in your sidebar. It’s a great way to generate more leads and sales.


Tip #5- Collect Emails.

Have you heard the saying the money’s in the list?

Collection emails is standard operation procedure in the digital marketing world. .

Collecting emails, or building your lists is  the most important thing you can do.

You need to collect emails. If you have to take one thing away from this article it is Collect Emails.

You can use a ton of free tools like “” to start collecting emails.

Collection emails is easier if you have something to offer in exchange for it. This is what is called a lead magnet.

An eBook, cheat sheet, software  or video course make great lead magnets.

If you are looking for an awesome lead magnet in the internet marketing space CLICK HERE and grab mine.

Its a free video course and guide that you can give away. I will give it to you, with the rights to give it to others, in exchange for your email.


Tip #6- Use Push Notifications.

Push notifications are similar to email. Visitors who approve you to send them push notifications will receive a notice on their screen about whatever you want to share or promote.

This can be your new post, your new product or service or the latest affiliate product that you are promoting.



Tip #7-Utilize Chatbots.

MobileMonkey is a chatbot that is free until you reach a certain subscriber level.

Chatbot’s are super effective, and get amazing click through rates. As high as 90%!Just imagine getting  90% of your subscribers to click on your message!

Emails usually have a click through rate of around 10%.


Does blogging still work?

So, does blogging work in 2019?

Yes It does, it’s just changed.  In the early days you could get traffic writing about anything but now, you need to focus on writing unique and amazing content.

To be really effective in 2019 and beyond you need to do more than just push people from you blog to your offers. You need to use a combination of the things discussed in this article.

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Until next time

Dan Franklin


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