How To Choose A Domain Name

How To Choose A Domain Name

Getting your first domain is a very exciting thing.
It’s like putting your shingle out in front of your
business. It represents who you are to the rest of the

Domain names can be very inexpensive for the first
year. Because of this I bought several the first year I
started marketing online. And before I had any plan
what to do with them.

There is nothing wrong with having multiple domains
however it is important that you have one domain to
‘rule them all!’ as stated in “The Lord Of The Rings“.

What I mean by this is that your first domain name
should represent your brand. Additional domains may be
used for individual projects or products. But this is
your core domain name and it should not be so specific
that your options for content are limited.

Domain names like “” or” don’t leave you any room to write
about topics other than dogs or food.

Trust me, as you learn more about marketing online you
will want to have a name that you can use for anything
you are interested in.

The best name option for your core domain name is
likely to be your name or some variation of your name.

If your name is Bill Johnson you might try to get

I should point out here that common wisdom is that .com
domains are preferred. However I have had success with
.org or .net domains. Still, your core domain should be
a .com.

Now, it is highly unlikely that is
available so you may need to get creative. Try
something like or

You could even try a hyphen in the middle like Again, common wisdom suggests you try
to avoid hyphens in your domain name.

Where to get your domain name

There are dozens of domain registrars online. GoDaddy
is probably the best known. You may want to start there
and search for available domain names.

It’s important to know that a domain name can only be
issued once. So one domain registrar does not have
domains available that other registrar do not.

Are all domain registrars the same?

Domain registrars all offer basically the same service.
That is getting your domain name registerd to you. You
will find that some registrars offer extremely low
pricing on domains for the first year. Oh, yeah,
domains have to be renewed each year.

Should I go for the cheapest price?

I don’t recommend that you jump on a low introductory
price offer without learning what the renewal cost is.
I have purchased domain names for $1 then got a bill
for $39 to renew.

High priced renewals can be common on registrars who
offer low first year pricing.

Some other popular registrars include Domain
Cheapsters, Namecheap and

Do your homework before choosing a registrar

Another consideration is hosting. Buying a domain name
is like registering your business name. You still have
to find a service to host your site and get it online.

Hosting is like the location where you build your

While this post will not cover how to choose a host I
will say that you might consider finding your hosting
company first as they often times cover the first year
cost of a domain name as an incentive.

Additionally, having your domain and hosting under one
roof can make dealing with any problems that arise much
much easier.

OK, That’s it for now.

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