I am fortunate to live near the beach in beautiful southern California.

I try to get down there a couple of times a week to get in a good walk.

While we don’t usually get a lot of rain in the winter, this year we
are getting soaked.

When heavy rain falls all of the trash and debris that gets dumped in
the two river channels, the Santa Ana and San Gabriel gets pushed out to sea then
washes  back up on shore.

It’s amazing the amount of stuff that covers the shore after a storm.
Plastic bottles,spray paint cans, hats, shoes, toys, wood and plenty of trash.

Trash covers the beach for miles.

Local groups organize beach clean up days to pick as much up as possible before
it washed back out to sea.

I was recently on one of my beach walks during one of these organized events and
I noticed a woman picking up tiny pieces of Styrofoam and walking past much larger stuff.

I stopped and asked her why.

She told me that everyone just goes for the big stuff leaving these tiny pieces of Styrofoam to
was back out to sea where they  wind up being eaten by various sea creatures.

She told me that, while a clean beach was important to her,  she really wanted to spend her time
and effort on things that had a longer lasting effect on the environment.

Later that day I started thinking about the lesson she had taught me about looking for the small stuff.
It made me consider how I was going about learning how to make money online.

I realized that I spent my time and money on only the big stuff. The latest product. The latest strategy.
The latest WordPress plugin or theme. The latest graphics pack. The latest social marketing software
and many other things that I thought would get me traffic and sales.

I realized I was going about it all wrong.

I had a lot of the big stuff but, I was overlooking the small stuff. The things that would have a greater, longer
lasting impact on my  online marketing success.

That same day, coincidentally, I found a free webinar offered by a renowned marketer named John Thornhill.

After watching it I realized that he was showing me the small things that I really needed to focus on If I was really
serious about becoming a successful online marketer.

This free webinar instantly changed my way of thinking.

I am here to tell you that If you are interested in making money online. Either extra money or a job replacing income
you really need to check out Johns free webinar.

I think you’ll be surprised at how clearly you will start to see the small, very important
things that you need to do in order to, not just look good, but to build a healthy, long term business.

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Until Next Time…

Dan Franklin

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